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Catholic Notepad, Lenten Letters Notepad

Catholic Notepad, Lenten Letters Notepad

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Introducing our Lenten Letters Notepad, a beautiful and personal way to deepen your prayer life while showing your loved ones how near our Lord truly is to each one of us. This thoughtfully crafted notepad was designed to share the love of God this Lent.


How to Use:

  1. Select Your Recipients: Choose 40 people to intercede for this Lent. They can be friends, family, or even those you've lost touch with.

  2. Contemplate Mother Teresa's Guiding Words: Let the profound words of Mother Teresa at the bottom of each page serve as a source of inspiration, encouraging both you and the recipient to open your hearts up to God. May you each invite Him in to fill your cup with life-giving water so you will never thirst again.

  3. Write with Purpose: Every day, write a heartfelt letter to one of your chosen recipients. Share your thoughts and prayers with them, sharing Christ's love through the written word.

  4. Gift of Prayer: After completing each letter, send it as a powerful and tangible expression of your love and prayer. Your handwritten words may become a source of comfort and strength for those receiving them.

Key Features:

  1. 50 Lined Tear-off Pages: Our Lenten Letters Notepad provides 50 pages (size 4.25x5.5in) of premium-quality eggshell finish text weight letter writing paper and 50 envelopes. That means, you get 10 extra pages—perfect for those moments when things go a bit wonky, or if you just feel like giving it another shot. We've all been there!

  2. Vintage Image of the Sacred Heart: Each page features a vintage image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus—a visible reminder of Christ's passion, sacrifice, and death on the cross for each one of us.

  3. Mother Teresa's Wisdom: Each page features a powerful quote from one of St. Mother Teresa's letters at the bottom of each page: "Jesus has a deep and personal longing to have you for Himself. Let Him do it." Let these words guide and inspire both writer and recipient.

  4. 50 Blank White Envelopes for Mailing: Our Lent Letters Notepad comes with 50 blank white envelopes for mailing your letters (with 10 extras just in case).

Embrace the Lenten season with intentionality, love, and the power of prayer. Order yours today and invite your loved ones into the sacredness of this Lenten season.

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